Can we bring in coolers?

Coolers can only be brought in for specific reasons approved by our fair management team.  Please call for details.

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1. Is there parking on the fairgrounds?
2. Where is handicap parking located?
3. Do you accept credit cards to pay admission for the fair or grand stand?
4. Can we bring in coolers?
5. When is Senior Day and how much is admission on that day?
6. Where are restrooms?
7. Does everyone pay admission?
8. Why are there specific pedestrian entrances to the fair?
9. Can vendors park inside the fairgrounds?
10. Can we pass/share our handicap hang tag with friends/family?
11. If we are in the parade, do we get in free?
12. Do we pay gate admission to the fair if we are participating in any of the Grand Stand events?
13. Do we get re-admission to the fair if we stayed over night?