2017 Talent Show Line-up

If your name is listed in the line-up outlined below, you have been selected to be a contestant in the 2017 Washington County Fair Talent Show.  A big Thank You to everyone that tried out!

Please review the information below – it is important that your read and are aware of tasks you need to complete.

Contestants should arrive at the Park Pavilion by 7:30 PM.  The Talent Show begins at 8:00 PM.

Please take a recipe card and provide information pertaining to the contestant(s) - where they are from, years in the art, what hobbies they enjoy etc., and what act the contestant will be performing that evening.  Please bring this card with you the evening of competition.  This is the information the Master of Ceremonies (MC) will use to introduce you and your act.

You need to meet with the Master of Ceremonies to go over your introduction card and give your CD/Tapes to the MC when you check in.  Please label the CD/Tape with your name.  On CD’s please include the track number you are using.  If you are using a tape, please have it cued to the starting point.  Please try to have only the track you are using on the CD.  You may pick up your CD/Tape following the evening’s performances, as well as the judging sheets.

Please remember there is a gate fee to enter the fair.

Should you have any questions, please call Kim at 651-433-0103 or email at washingtoncofair@gmail.com.  If you have questions during the week of fair, please send an email.

Thanks.  I look forward to seeing you at the Washington County Fair!!

Pre-Teen ~ 8 PM Wednesday, August 2, 2017

  1. Shravya Gatamaneni ~ Piano
  2. Ella Trudel ~ Vocal, “Part of Your World”
  3. Vayda Carufel ~ Vocal, “We Will Shine Together”
  4. Annika Seebeck ~ Clogging Dance, “Country Girl”
  5. Allie Larsen ~ Vocal, “Introducing Me”
  6. Natane Tom ~ Jazz Dance, “Feeling Good”
  7. Sloka Reddy ~ Vocal, “Matilda”
  8. Pranavi Vedere ~ Vocal, “My New Philosophy”
  9. Galaxy Girls (Noura Basho, Lainey Zinda, Anna Wisniewski, Megan Feustel, Sonja Carlson, Ella Daniells, Lucia Martin, Lexi Raleigh) ~ Jazz Dance, “That’s My Girls”
  10. Maya Howard ~ Vocal, “How Far I’ll Go”
  11. Sophia Enter ~ Vocal, “Fly”
  12. Lucy Sainsbury ~ Piano/Vocal, “Jealous”
  13. Kapri Paul ~ Vocal, “Tomorrow”
  14. Delaney Kuny ~ Vocal, “The Climb”
  15. Lil Sparklers (Bria Yourczek, Paige Stabenow, Eliana Clark), “Fairytale”
  16. Annabelle Lewis ~ Vocal, “Lost Boy”

Teen ~ 8 PM Thursday, August 3, 2017

  1. Hank Berger ~ Piano, Theme from “Time Travel”
  2. Bryce Huber ~ Vocal, “She’s Always a Woman”
  3. Max Krueger ~ Guitar, “Playing to Back Track of Trilogy Suite”
  4. Paige Berheim ~ Vocal/Piano, “Stand by Me”
  5. Lucy Norvold ~ Vocal, “Memory”
  6. Smashing Toe Clogger’s (Lila Dorbill, Michelle Raboin, Danielle Kuhnly, Brianna Garner) ~ Clogging, “Rain (mix)”
  7. Josie Ziernicki ~ Vocal, “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying”


 Open ~ 8 PM Friday, August 4, 2017

  1.  Mitchell Richter ~ Piano, “Always”
  2. Jane Clemens ~ Vocal, “Could I Have This Dance”
  3. Jeff Greeder ~ Vocal, “Ever Rose Has Its Thorn”
  4. Abbie Sonstegard & Jake Pickett ~ Vocal/Guitar/Piano, “Something Worth Saving”
  5. Mary Joy Beck ~ Poetry, “We Stand, We Demand, To My 3rd Graders, We Will Care”
  6. Patrick Clemens ~ Vocal, “Only You”
  7. Nathan Enter ~ Vocal/Guitar, “Fast”
  8. Kate Smith ~ Vocal, “New York State of Mind”
  9. Jayna Davis & Allison Pasiuk ~ Vocal/Guitar/Drum/Tambourine, “Submarines”
  10. Jordan Barnard ~ Jazz/Contemporary Dance, “Feeling Good”
  11. Deb Newman ~ Vocal, “Rainbow Connection”
  12. Dylan Buhl ~ Vocal/Guitar, “Remedy”

Cash Prizes will be awarded to the top four winners in each division:

1st Place *

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

Pre-Teen Division





Teen Division





Open Division





* Plus entry as a semi-finalist in the County Fair Amateur Talent Contest during the

Minnesota State Fair